On a ninety-seven-degree day in the middle of July, Spencer and Lydia were wed at The Old Schoolhouse in Newberg Oregon.

This was by far my favorite wedding of the summer! From the trendy, but unique, food truck, to the bride who danced for hours with a sprained ankle, this wedding had a fun dose of adventure in addition to the lovely setting.

This couple was the BEST for posing! James Bond pose? Lydia: YES PLEASEEE! A dramatic kissing dip shot in the middle of the road? Spencer was 100% for it.

The Old Schoolhouse was a lovely venue as well. It was a solid combination of classic and modern elegance. The building and property felt spacious, but also comfortable for a medium/small wedding.

S+L and I enjoyed taking portraits in a variety of locations on the property. My top three locations were the Hazelnut Orchard behind the parking lot, in front of The Old Schoolhouse on the road side, and in the middle of the road (don’t worry! We watched for cars 🙂 .

And… without further ado…. the wedding pictures!

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