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Choosing how much to invest in a photographer can challenging! Because there is a lot to think through, I put my starting investment levels on my website, and then have a much more in-depth pdf guide with my full services list and investments. If you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, my system will automatically send you my full guide, so that you can think through budget and photo goals with your partner.

Filling out the form does not mean you are committing to book me, but it is the first step in the booking process.

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Starting at $3000 for

  • 6 hours of photo coverage
  • online gallery with 300+ edited images
  • planning consultation (if requested)
  • $500 engagement or bridal session credit


Starting at $1500 for

  • 2 hours of photo coverage
  • online gallery with 150+ edited images
  • planning consultation (if requested)
  • keepsake photo box + USB

Hey Kate– What’s the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

Great question!

Elopements are designed to be a more intimate wedding experience. *Usually* elopements have 4-12 people in attendance, and weddings are larger groups.

Elopements are typically for the couple who is dreaming of incredible photographs that involve a hike to somewhere with lovely geography, OR are for the couple who wants to have a memorable wedding with their close family while staying on a budget.

Weddings have a larger guest list. Sometimes you’ll hear the term “micro-wedding”, which often refers to a wedding that has 13-40 people in attendance.

I’ve worked at weddings that have had anywhere from 60 to 300 people in attendance.

Your wedding is totally up to you, but the way I think through and plan photography for elopements vs weddings is a bit different, and is why I have different investment levels for the two categories.

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