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Kathrine Birch | Owner and Lead Photographer at Aspen & Birch

Hey there! I've been serving my clients in the Greater Portland area as a professional photographer since 2019.

I believe that photography is an art process designed to show the best parts of you. My goal with photography is to embrace and showcase the natural beauty of others. I am confident in posing all body types and cultivating an environment where people look and feel their best. All people are beautiful, and it is an absolute joy to display your natural beauty through my photography.

I also enjoy creating meaningful content in the form of writing and educational resources for both photographers and couples int he wedding planning life stage.

When I'm not behind my camera, you can often find me taking business classes, hanging out with my family and friends and church, listening to a random conglomeration of music, and vanquishing the hobo spiders that like to invade my basement.

I look forward to connecting with you !

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